Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just A Try...

Well these days , the 55 words stories have become the rage of the day....
As i'm no good at story i was feeling a bit outcast.
So here is my 55 words cover for that.

" I "

hold me till i feel myself
search me till i reveal myself
watch me till i see myself

wait for me...
wait for me...
wait for me...

now i can totally feel myself
its the right time to reveal myself
i wanna make my own

place for me...
place for me...
place for me...

- @$|-|

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Between Me And I

Hey You!
I'm Talking to you
Something I always wanted to do
But you never heard.

I was your friend
Probably the only one
There were things to share
Always in a hurry and never cared

We were Hurt, in Pain
But never felt nothing
You were Numb, Cold
Wasting life, and getting old

Wish you could've listened better
Hope, you could've been Sober
You should've tried to come clear
I was there to help, you weren't here

Now I'm leaving you friend
Here's my last Goodbye in the end
Now we have come face to face
But Sad, there is no escape

Written by @$|-| under the influence of Weed and Fix You by Coldplay.
Title thought by Selenium under the influence of Sleep and Floating Away by Selenium :P
Composed by Selenium... with a very high possibility that $mokin' will sing it. :D

Saturday, March 6, 2010

....optimistic desires....

everything which i dreamt of,
it came true;
those were the night mares ,
i went through ;

how horrible was my past....
but finally i did last.....

one day everything will be fine;
things will eventually fall in line;

forget the things that have gone by;
spread your wings ...
let your soul fly;

sun will toss up high in the sky;
you will shine with glory
nobody can defy;

it"s you that eventually matters;
let your scary dreams all shatter;

don't let others decide your fate;
wake up and run....
make your place before it's too late;
wake up and run....
- by

me & mr.@sh

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Mutiny

I was sitting out there holding my breath;
Everyone looked at me as if I was wretched.

That was a new year eve when the misfortune clenched;
My poor wrist drooped and swelled.

I looked ardently at the x ray room door;
There would be no fracture everyone was sure.

As the time kept elapsing;
The pain and agony kept grasping.

At last the devil came out holding a gray plate;
In his hand was my new year's fate.

His face was astonishingly sad;
My carpel was broken bad.

Then entered the brutal nurse holding a zapping needle;
Inserted and injected.......gosh that was lethal.

While returning my friends kept talking about the mutiny;
There talks kept encroaching my mind,was it my destiny.

Next day again I went to that hell;
There was peace on my face with no yell.

With a smile doctor wrapped the plaster round my hand;
Finally for three weeks I was booked and banned.

While all this period of time I kept observing and came to know;
Who were my friends and who were foes.

Finally my father arrived and took me home;
Handful of pills and a stony plaster were my companions when I was left all alone.....